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The Wirecutter’s Top Picks and Reviewed Ladders

We’ve never seen the Wirecutter come out with a list of best ladders this comprehensive. The world is full of ladders, but not all are created equal. The Wirecutter set out to find the best ladder for every possible need, from the most basic to the most extreme. They found 12 different models that are all worth buying, but they couldn’t decide which is the “best” one for everyone.

Wirecutter is an American website that publishes buyer’s guides for “smart” products.

When consumers are looking for a ladder, they need to take into account the maximum weight capacity, the reach height, and the construction material. Consumers should also check the product’s dimensions to see how it will fit in their home.

The most popular ladder is the Ladderway 24 ft. Tall Heavy Duty Rapid Escape Ladder

This ladder has a five-foot extension for easy high-rise access and a stairway grip which makes it more stable. This ladder is also rated to hold up to 450 pounds.

The Best Fire Escape Ladder

Many people are at risk of being injured or killed in a fire. The best way to escape is by using a fire escape ladder. It can be hard to choose the best one, but this article will give you the top three options for your consideration.

1) The Evacuator Lite Plus Fire Escape Ladder

The Evacuator Lite Plus is the first and only portable, full-length fire escape ladder that extends to 25 feet. It can be easily stored in almost any space and has a low weight of just 5 pounds. This allows it to be easily carried up the stairs during an emergency.

2) The Intumescent Riser Pipe Fire Escape Ladder

A new product on the market, the Intumescent Riser Pipe Fire Escape Ladder, is a high-rise escape ladder that can be used in any building with exposed risers. These ladders are constructed of an aluminum alloy for durability and are meant to last up to 100 years.

3) The Inside Out Second Story Window Emergency Egress Ladder

The inside out second story window emergency escape ladder is a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use device that can be used as a last resort for those who find themselves trapped on the 2nd floor of a building.

1) Fire Escape 2-Story Ladder, Escape Ladder – Rope Ladder

Rope Ladder

About this item:

Brand: Kidde
Color: Red
Material: Metal
Item Weight: 7.72 Pounds
Item Dimensions L x W x H: 6.25 x 16.38 x 8.25 inches

Part Number: ‎468193
Style: ‎Ladder
Included Components: ‎Kidde 468193 KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder with Anti-Slip Rungs
Size: ‎13-Foot

Main Features:

  • Easy to use. Attaches quickly to most common windows
  • Flame resistant, durable and sturdy ladder
  • Strong and durable ladder tested to 1,000 pounds
  • Tangle free design fast and easy to deploy with anti-slip rungs
  • No assembly or tools are required; 5-year warranty

No Assembly Required

To make sure this ladder is ready for use when you need it, it requires absolutely no assembly or tools. It has been carefully assembled to ensure proper deployment, and only needs to be attached to a window before the rungs are released. This is a single-use safety ladder and should be replaced after being deployed.

2) Hausse Retractable 3 Story Fire Escape Ladder, 25 Feet

Fire Escape Ladder

About this item:

Brand: Hausse
Color: Red
Material: Aluminum
Item Dimensions L x W x H: 14 x 7.9 x 11 inches
Load Capacity: 1000 Pounds

Main Features:

  • Deploys in seconds, can escape quickly and easily.
  • No assembly or tools are required, easy to use and fast to deploy, built for emergencies.
  • The slip-resistant rung provides a steady foothold when you descend.
  • The hooks secure the ladder to the window frame or to the sill of most windows and won’t slip off.
  • Tested for up to 1000 lbs, it can extends to 25 feet for use in three-story rooms.
  • The ladder hook is RETRACTABLE, please extend the ladder hook at both ends to the maximum when using.

3) X-IT 2 Story (13′) Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

Fire Escape Ladder

About this item:

Brand: X-it products
Color: Yellow
Item Weight: 5.95 Pounds
Item Dimensions L x W x H: 7.5 x 11.5 x 6 inches

Main Features:

  • The Safest, Strongest, Smallest, Lightest, Easiest To Use Emergency Ladder
  • Multi-purpose for Safe Practice + use it in a documented emergency X-IT will replace it
  • Fox TV News Channel independently tested emergency ladders and recommended X-IT as the best
  • Exceeds ASTM F2175 safety standards including UL
  • Fits all window and wall sizes by securing to the window sill & includes a storage bag

Product Description & Recommendation:

Struggling to find the right fire escape ladder for your needs? X-It is the perfect solution for you. It’s easy to set up, so you can open it in seconds. The rungs are wider and easier to use than others, meaning you’ll be safe and secure in no time at all.

  • No tools need to assemble, lightweight and compact design.
  • Take it anywhere you go because it’s lightweight, compact, and collapsible
  • It has a hook to store your clothes or any other gear. Withstands up to 400lbs load
  • Made from durable materials that are easy to clean
  • This simple, compact workout equipment can be set up by a child in a matter of seconds.
  • The X-It has been designed to encourage users to climb as high as they can.
  • It’s also easy to store and transport, for those who are always on the go.
  • And of course, no more need for any kind of heavy equipment – just the X-It!


The main advantage of fire escape ladders is that they are portable and can be stored away in a place where it is out of the way, but reachable in case of an emergency.


  • Need to be propped up by something sturdy.
  • It cannot be used on every type of building due to limitations in height and structure.

4) X-IT 3 Story (23′) Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is X-IT-2-Story-13-Emergency.jpg
Rapid Escape Ladder X-It 3 Story

About this item:

Brand: X-it products
Color: Yellow
Item Weight: 160 Ounces
Item Dimensions L x W x H: 7.5 x 11.5 x 8.5 inches

Product Features:

  • Award-winning design
  • Best in Class
  • Quick Tangle Free Deployment
  • The Large window hook works on more windows
  • Storage bag with handle


The conclusion of these product reviews is that how the use of this ladder can be incorporated into an emergency plan; such as having it at all times, knowing how to properly use it, and not relying on it alone to keep you safe in case of an emergency.

Finally, we recommend that X-It is the best fire escape ladder as per customer reviews on Amazon.

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