Best Ladder Stand for Big Guys

The best ladder stand for big guys are the ones that are long enough for them to reach the top of their ladder, have a wide base to prevent tipping, and have a sturdy construction that will not break if they stand on it. There are many different types of ladders available in the market, but not all of them are specially designed with big guys in mind. That is why you should take your time to find one that will suit your needs best.

Ladders stand are a vital tool in any tradesperson’s arsenal. But for big guys, there are some considerations to take into account that the average person might not have. You need a ladder that is strong enough, can be adjusted to your height and has a wide base for stability.

Top Qualities for a Good Ladder

With a bit of careful consideration, you will be able to identify the best ladder for your garage. As there are many types of ladders that vary in terms of size and shape, it is important to consider their qualities before buying one. For instance, a narrow steel ditch ladder can help eliminate those awkward areas where you may have difficulty climbing up on top or into particular places that require extra height or reach power tools from higher groundings. Determining which ladder is best for you can be difficult. There are many different types of ladders, not to mention the considerations of height, weight, cost, durability, and features.

This guide will show you what to look out for when purchasing a ladder stands for the purpose of height safety.

a) Strength and stability:

The thickness of the rungs should be at least 3/4″ or 2.5 cm for easy gripping with perspiration easily evaporating from hands and its uppermost surface is non-slip to make climbing easier without slipping back down again while holding on to it, even in humid conditions.

b) Easy to carry:

The ladder should be light and easy to carry from the storeroom to your welding workbench, garage, or home storage.

c) Easy to fix:

The ladder should be lightweight, strong, and able to easily hold the weight of one average-sized person in order for you not to become bored climbing on it or because there is nobody around when you are about to fix something that requires both hands.

d) Easy storage:

It’s only taking up some space on your shelf away from dust and dirt with a plain design as hanging style ladders also fixed under her own framework can result in sturdier units that could even be mounted on walls.

e) Durable:

A steel ladder should have a weight capacity of up to eight hundred pounds and meet all safety standards like only having rungs fixed between the opposite sides of pipe or brackets for support under railings in order for it not to become worn out easily, especially when lifting heavy items. If you feel confident enough to spend money on something reliable and strong, I say go ahead and spend it!

5 Best Ladder Stand – (Reviews & Buying Guide)

1. Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing TreeStand.

As a starting ladder stands for first-timers, many reviewers have cited it as one that should be given to everybody who has been in the field of welding stuff because this unit is amazingly easy and convenient – being only secured to 3-lock wood screws at its bottom providing you with more versatility than all others. The Apex Mate design though allows users from different heights up until eight feet easily with the use of heat shrink tubing so you needn’t worry in the first place. The materials are safe due to their non-corrosive plastic and stable overall construction while being lightweight has been said that it could hold up pretty much anything you’ve got somewhere around your workbench or shed without experiencing great wear and tear on the outer covering.

Summit treestands viper SD

About this Item:

Brand: Summit Treestands
Color: Mossy Oak
Material: Aluminium
Item Weight: 20 Pounds
Suggested Users: Men’s

Main Features:

In this feature, the Summit Viper SD is the most popular stand. Hardcore hunters choose it because of its lightweight and strong aluminum construction. The capacity to carry extremely regardless of how far the journey is made thanks to the padded bag straps and upper and lower frames. Once you arrive, sit in the foam-padded seat with a soft backrest and armrests for a while. The closed front doubles as a gun and crossbow rest, and it allows for simple sit-and-stand climbing. There is enough foot space to stand up for a bow shot on the massive 20″x36″ aluminum platform. Summit’s Dead Metal technology enables you to move in the stand without causing game-spooking unnatural metal sounds, which is something the Viper SD has. For maximum concealment, the padded seat, rail, and armrest are all dressed in Realtree camo.

2. X Stands Treestands The Comrade X 18-Inch Two Man Ladder Stand

Climbing with the use of a ladder to build your own working bench is something that needs extreme consideration and solid bases for first-timers. The Comrade X stands really well on uneven surfaces like wood planks, concrete, gravel, or any other similar surface because its design visibly improves stability by using 3 legs which are intended for its top six rungs only although the options up until eight feet come with this incredible stand as well – we have to say though that it would be better off to provide more support but you definitely get all the basics here a ladder stands should have!

X-Stand Treestands The Comrade

About this Item:

Brand: ‎X-Stand Treestands
Item Weight: ‎ 132 Pounds
Warranty Description: ‎1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Model Name:‎ The Comrade X
Color: ‎ Black
Manufacturer: ‎ Alliance Outdoor Products
Included Components: ‎Harness, Ratchet Straps, Ladder Treestand, Hardware Pack, Cables
Size: ‎ 18′
Sport Type: ‎ Hunting

Main Features:

Lock it as though your life depended on it! The X-Stand Ladderstand Jaw Safety System The Jaw Safety System of the X-Stand Treestand allows you to mount your ladder stand on the tree from ground level. Traditional ladder stand set-ups are eliminating the swaying and twisting that comes with them. While you stand at the base of the stand and tighten the ratchet strap, the steel dual jaws lock tight to the tree. All X-Series ladder stands in the X-Stand series come with this feature standard.

Jaw safety system, ladder jaw, lock on
Jaw Safety System

Our revolutionary jaw safety system is featured on the Comrade X, an 18′ two-man ladder stand. Before you depart the ground, be confident that your position is safe and secure. The hunting experience is further enhanced by the v-shaped platform and seating arrangement. The ultimate comfort for two hunters is provided by independent comfort-flex mesh seats. Each seat has a different hunting field of vision that is angled outward. The comrade includes a quick-access panel for hunting equipment and other accessories on the middle console. Each hunter flips back or removes the two independent and fully customizable shooting rails. For ultimate silence and comfort, the rail and armrests are padded and covered in camo. Stealth silencers, helix tubing, and weather defender Powdercoat are all included with the Comrade X.

3. Bolderton Grizzly Grip Safety System, Ladder Stands for Deer Hunting

The Bolderton 22’ Tree Stand with Grizzly Grip Safety System, Ladder Stands for Deer Hunting can be used by anybody from six feet until nine or even ten – a fairly accommodating height it is as well considering the options available at this time. The stand comes with everything necessary to successfully build your own shed, working bench, and tool cabinet so you are also going to finish projects faster than almost without fail!

Bolderton Grizzly Grip Safe

About this Item:

Brand Name: ‎Bolderton
Item Weight: ‎99 Pounds
Item Dimensions L x W x H: ‎52.25 x 19 x 12 inches
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

Main Features:

This comfortable and stealthy hunting ladder stand has been designed by Bolderton. While waiting for prey in the field, use the versatile seating to relax during outdoor hunting activities. It’s simple to install and ideal for deer hunting. Reflex mesh, backrest support, and a huge platform are all included in the comfortable design to help you sit for long periods of time. The PowerGrid platform has a large footprint and offers excellent foot traction.


The heavy steel framework is resistant and can withstand multiple hunting seasons. For functional and long-lasting hunting equipment that keeps on going, the powder coating prevents rust and corrosion. Before you climb up, the Grizzly Grip Safety System locks your stand to the tree.

4. Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand

The Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand is a great all in one ladder stand that remains relatively compact which makes it much easier to store than other similar models we’ve seen – the tie rods are designed for its top rungs only though so try and make sure none of them would be longer so you can secure them per your preference. Five feet it’s up to with this versatile model!

Guide Gear 18 Jumbo Ladder

About this Item:

Brand Name: ‎Guide Gear
Item Dimensions L x W x H: ‎61.38 x 5.75 x 26.75 inches
Item Weight: ‎78 Pounds
Manufacturer: ‎Guide Gear

Main Features:

It’s bigger than the previous version. It’s better, in other words. At an unbeatable price. For years of dependable use, the rugged steel design has been reinforced with an oversize top; a generous 24″ x 25″w. Padded 13.25″ x 26.25″ x 19″h, a raised platform for stretching our feet the flip-up seat offers all-day comfort; Padded armrests assist you steady your shot, and three pinned ladder sections make transport and storage simple; Flip-up shooting rail for steadiness; Flip-up footrest for relaxation.

The Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand includes two-seat pad silencers (under the frame), one stabilizer strap, one ratchet strap, and an adjustable support bar for secure installation.


  1. A flip-up seat is available.
  2. A flip-up shooting rail is included.
  3. The footrest is a flip-up feature.
  4. There is a large platform area where you can sit and store your gear.
  5. To sit down, there’s a sufficient height.
  6. A metal foot platform has been added to the shoes.
  7. Armrests that are high enough for safety and low enough for archery With their twin stabilizer bars crisscrossed and ratchet straps, and pinned/sleeved ladder extensions.


  1. Assembly takes too much time to complete the final shape.
  2. Bulk-packaged hardware, metric dimensions; however, you have to repeat the procedure every time.
  3. Scrape off the paint with a fingernail from this item.
  4. Horizontal bars, not expanded mesh, make up the seat platform; it will get uncomfortable after a long period of sitting.
  5. Noisy fabric.

5. Rivers Edge RE556, Big Foot TearTuff XL Lounger

Rivers Edge RE556, Big Foot TearTuff XL Lounger is a typical example of the superb quality you get when you choose Eastwood to manufacture your ladder stands – it particularly provides up to five feet long and that’s what we think most homeowners would appreciate.

Rivers Edge Big Foot

About this Item:

Brand Name: ‎Rivers Edge
Item Dimensions L x W x H: ‎37.5 x 19 x 22 inches
Item Weight: ‎26 Pounds
Color: ‎Black
Material: ‎Steel
Manufacturer: ‎Rivers Edge Treestands Inc.
Style: ‎Teartuff XL Lounger Hang-on
Included Components: ‎Safety Harness
Sport Type: ‎Hunting

Main Features:

A 37. 5″ x 24″ large platform and footrest provide plenty of extra room for standing shots, and the TearTuff XL Lounger features a flip-up, TearTuff mesh seat with armrests. During your hunt, you’ll have a secure and quiet installation thanks to the unique Big Foot lever-action system and noiseless strap attachment.

How much does a ladder stand cost and how long will it last?

As the most popular and versatile tool, you can say that sturdy ladder stands are essential for almost all kinds of building operations. While expensive models are available in markets worldwide, if you’re on a tight budget then this line may be enough to meet your needs: 12-meter climbing ladders sturdily built with slip-resistant plastic handles make a great buy!

In addition to measuring its durability both in design and location, it is worth checking how much a ladder stand costs, so you can decide whether you will be covering its initial investment with the benefits of its use.

Organically there exist certain laws regarding injury protection and what makes these stands even more appealing is their ability to effectively protect workers from falling from heights. Every quality material has been adopted into the manufacturing process, including rugged plastic handles boosting ergonomic stability. Glasses-free access is granted for all levels within the manufacturing, so the extra visibility is not just beneficial for people standing on top but also to ensures safe working practices.

What is the best ladder stand for big guys?

As a big guy, you’re not allowed to enjoy all the advantages of using ladders: their narrow design won’t help larger people to manage safely. You cannot hold in your hands these traditional tools because they are too long and while climbing them as an adult with legs this would be quite uncomfortable! That’s why it is something that we need sturdy ladder stands for bigger guys.

A wide bucket-styled stand will provide safety during sliding operations, where users climb and roll up to the highest point of work on ladders.

If you got your hands on this traditional stand designed for even more stability in holding huge tools overhead, you will now be able to perfectly complete any kind of ladder building process without fail. The most efficient part about these types is that their main obstacle (lungs) is suspended away from the body by using its rectangular shape design mimicking a stair container.

Although the safety stand just mentioned consists of a floor mounting platform, this one is more like a workbench: adjustable and with upright legs (as pictured). At an adequate height, some people utilize it as part of their regular workflow while others start to use it after they hire remove all unwanted pre-built ladders from workplaces.

What is the tallest 2 man ladder stand?

Some professional tradesmen discover the need for taller stands that are capable of sitting 2 people at once. This is especially beneficial to those who have smaller hands or don’t always offer handholds while putting up or bracing a ladder against supports!

Below we’ve compiled a list of our top picks:

Two men’s safety work in a ladder stand, designed with an easy-grip on its rectangular shape’s large surface and soft foam material. Also presented with adjustable height control, 2×4 feet wide.

This stand’s sidewalls are slightly curved to provide users easy access while moving and stretching on top of it as they reach the upper section! By doing this you don’t have to worry about getting your tendons or hands squeezed by the stiff trapezoidal tube which is more common in ladders where handles are located there only. Its downside is that sometimes people build this task using an inappropriate size tubing which may result in its improper usage.

The ladder stand presented below is mainly a two-person tall stand featuring adjustable feet and squared edges to give you the freedom of movement while bracing it against supports without the chance of your hands sliding towards each other, especially when lying down on top! It’s made with all-steel construction meant that over time wearing can cause minor damage but luckily here warranty covers this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is a ladder stand and what makes them different from other options on the market?

A: Ladder stands are used to make your house safer by giving you access in or out of things even if they were in small places. They come with many features like an extra prominent step-up area, and integrated rungs which also provide good protection for feet as well as tops when climbing up only based on nominal guidelines not taller than 8 feet. Some ladder stands have integrated locks and others are easy as easy to set up like that of a regular chair.

Q: What is the distance between rungs on different models?

A: The greatest space depends on you scoping what type of job it would be for such ladder stand with some having much more room although many come in shorter more compact designs which mean you should get those whose tables will accommodate at least 5 ft of space.

Q: Which are the most common ladder stands used in houses?

A: The top runs of all big name brands constantly offer tremendous options including Metcalfe and Brandywine, Rigid and Tool Logic (which finds its main claim among DIY shops), and Silverline just to mention a few. You can also find many other great ones on the lead like SEI or KAPAK which are more intended for industrial use but can be found in shops around the country offering great options too.

Q: What are definite rules when shopping for ladder stands?

A: The first one is you are always advised to take your time and shop around as much as possible before deciding on something. Secondly, think about all the factors like anti-vandalism glassed in with additional pockets an extra safety gate, the strength of rungs that can hold a person or two, and lastly, ladder stands which will come with good comprehensive instructions should they be needed while setting it up too where no hassles or learning curve should be there.

Q: What is the difference between a ladder stand and a ladder chair?

A: Ladder stands come in many shapes, sizes, and materials which are highly customizable to meet your needs for such jobs by enabling you easy move over tough terrain or work on those heights that can’t normally be got up or reached with ease against other types of chairs. Also, they tend to offer great seating options as well but whether you need to worry about that depends on the line you choose.


Being fully off the ground is a vital part of any successful job and an impressive one at that. If you are looking for safe, secure furniture which offers great seats as well in some cases then ladder rests should be all over your shopping list, especially if your engineer’s or maintenance related work takes place around those heights and need to ensure it doesn’t get too hectic but there no space restrictions to consider either.

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