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The American Ladder & Scaffolding Company provides a variety of products, ranging from work platform ladders to scaffolding for residential and commercial use.

Scaffold Characteristics

A ladder is a thing that is used to climb up high places. Scaffolds are temporary structures in which workers can stand, walk, or work. Ladders are used to reach higher points that cannot reach by standing on the ground. Ladders come in all shapes and sizes. We use ladders to climb tall buildings considering their length and height.
This type of platform is designed to support people who are building or repairing buildings. Scaffolds can be permanent structures like scaffolding mounted on the side of buildings or mounted on ceilings.

What are the Ladder & Scaffolding Standards?

There is no such thing as the perfect ladder. Different people need different ladders for different jobs, depending on their height and strength.

The standard is a set of guidelines that have been created to help construction workers choose the right ladder or scaffolding size for their job. The standards offer a simple means of determining the correct size of a ladder or scaffold by comparing it to a person’s height in feet and inches.

Ladders and scaffolds are important tools for construction and other industries. They can be dangerous to use if not work properly. The Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines for Ladders and Scaffolds address the safety issues that you need to know about them to protect yourself from accidents.

The Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines for Ladders and Scaffolds states that it is illegal for any person who is not a competent individual, as identified by the employer, to operate a ladder or scaffold at any height. This includes carrying weight up or down a ladder or scaffold; carrying passengers up or down ladders; Climbing extension ladders that have elevated from their base.

The Importance of Ladder & Scaffold Inspections on a Regular Basis

Ladder and scaffold inspections are crucial for the safety of each person in the workplace. Ladder and scaffold inspections are crucial for the safety of each person in the workplace.

Being a construction worker is not an easy job. In this profession, an accident can happen at any time; no matter how much time you spend working on something.

Scaffold Tower Platform Ladder

About this Item:

Brand: Ladders
Material: Aluminium, Rubber
Item Weight: 10000 Grams
Load Capacity: 330 Pounds

Main Features:

  • Double Sided Step Ladder and Scaffolding. It serves as a step ladder can used up to 3 different ways, to satisfy different necessity, either professional or daily use.
  • This lightweight aluminium extension ladder has a maximum load over 150 kg (330 lbs).
  • EASY STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION – Stabilisers with rubber pads and non-slip rubber feet for added security. The Folding Ladder is with 2 extra rolling wheels and easy to transport; The folding height is 9Ft.
  • SPACE SAVING – Easy folding capability allows for convenient storage and transportation. Just tilting the step ladder forward and then lifting up the back of top pedal. You can fold it easily.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USAGE – Whenever you need the extra height for your work,this step stools would be a perfect choice! It is also great for working as a display stand to store your potted planted plant, flowers or books.

Ladder Scaffolding Brackets

Ladder brackets are used to keep ladders stable. They can be attached to a roof, a ceiling joint, or a wall stud. Ladder brackets help prevent the top of the ladder from sliding off the roof and they help to keep the ladder level as well as secure at all times.
They attached to the building’s side. They are usually built at a height that is determined by the sort of construction activity done. For example, construction work on a two-story building must install them at about five meters high.

Ladder Scaffolding Brackets

Installation Guide

The installation of brackets for ladder scaffolding is very simple. The brackets for ladder scaffolding are installed into the ground with a hammer. The most frequent form of bracket used to install the ladder is scaffolding brackets. Ladder scaffolding brackets are available in many shapes and sizes to fix.

How to install ladder scaffolding brackets:

  • Mark the spot for your bracket on the wall by measuring from the top of your ladder and write.
  • Drill a pilot hole at this location, making sure it is slightly smaller than the diameter of your screws.
  • Insert your screw into the drilled hole, lining it up with one end of your bracket before securing with a screwdriver or power drill.
  • Attach the other end of the bracket to the wall using another screw inserted through one side hole until it meets up with its corresponding hole.

Key Point:

This multi-positional ladder is probably the only ladder you will ever need. Ideal for jobs around the house, workshop, and garden. Its unique multi-positional hinge system enables this ladder to easily transform into many different configurations. Robustly manufactured this ladder is suitable for heavy-duty use.

The 3-in-1 ladder can be used as a step ladder and scaffold
4 safety braces included
Large working platform: 148 x 40 cm
Non-slip rubber pad feet
Max. load capacity 150 kg
Easy transferring with 2 wheels
Indoor/ outdoor usage
Space-saving with quick disassembling.
Material: aluminum

  • Step Ladder
  • Side length: 168cm
  • Step width: 40.5cm and 34.5cm
  • Leaning Ladder
  • Height Alone: 168 cm
  • Set height: 276 cm
  • Scaffolding
  • Dimensions: 160 x 70 x 168 cm
  • Working heights: 45/ 73/ 101/ 129 cm
  • Working platform: 148 x 40 cm

Package List
1x working platform
1x crossbar (railing)
4x diagonal-support bars
2x ladders
2x wheels


We conclude from this review that the platform ladder will work only for those who work together at the same time. But remember to weight as much as this platform can withstand, otherwise, the results can be very dangerous.

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